System2 - Live visuals

Altmark Creative commissioned us to create a package of animated assets as well as a live visuals system for Skint Record's latest signing – System2.

The band were looking for a 'retro future' look that used the artwork for their current album campaign as a jumping off point. Working closely with Altmark and the band, we designed and animated over 200 clips. Alongside this we prototyped, built and delivered a flexible live visuals system that integrated with the band's existing audio setup, more info below.

Client: System2 / Skint Records
Agency: Altmark Creative
Art direction: Altmark Creative
Design, Animation, 3D, Tech: Process

Tagged with: design,animation,live,3d 


Aside from the creative challenges on this job, we were also required to build a solid performance system (synced between two MacBooks) that was structured enough to allow the band to concentrate on the music, but also flexible enough for them to improvise / make realtime changes throughout each live set.

Ableton Live was used as the main audio sequencer and we used VDMX to run the visuals. We used LiveGrabber to listen for OSC signals from Ableton.

These OSC signals were then used to drive changes on the show timeline (ie triggers for changes in tempo / track / etc). This allowed us to chapterise the major elements of the show, whilst still allowing the band to get into some serious live improv on the visuals using the controls we had setup (MIDI mapped to an AKAI APC40).