Design Manchester 2017 - Opener

As a Manchester based creative studio we were really honoured to be asked to collaborate on this years DM imagery – especially having watched how the festival has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.

This project is an exploration of neon pink light and falloff impacting the ever evolving shape of Manchester’s streets and skyline.

We worked on the hero imagery for the festival, as well as the opening film for the conference. More info on the collaborative process behind the hero image can be found here.

The piece is wonderfully tied together with a delicate track by Worriedaboutsatan.

Client: Design Manchester
Agency: Instruct Studio
Art direction: John Owens (Instruct)
Stills photography: Andrew Brooks
Music: Worriedaboutsatan
Direction, Production, Design, 3D, Animation, Edit, VFX, Grade: Process

Tagged with: 3d,vfx,compositing,edit,direction 


The footage was capture on a quiet October evening using a Sony A7S II with the Atomos Shogun. The Sony A7S II is well known for its ability to capture in low light (which was essential for the final 3D and compositing work).

Back in the studio we worked using Cinema4D, Octane and After Effects to create the finished film. 3D geometry was constructed on a shot per shot basis to enable us to calculate accurate light glow and falloff.