Hotter - Comfort for the Sole

We were commissioned by Standby Productions to create two elegant technical animations for Hotter Shoes SS 2018 collection.

The 3D animations needed to depict the comfort and the quality of the product.

After a tour of the manufacturing plant to get an idea of how the shoes are made, we started to create digital assets using a combination of 3D scanning and modelling. Then using Houdini and Cinema 4D we were able to create a series of liquid and material simulations.

The final sequences were then composited into 3D lighting environments created from still images taken on the shoot. We worked closely with Standby on the edit to ensure the CGI dropped into the sequence seamlessly without the model breaking stride.

The final challenge was to morph the various footstep clips together for the endframe. We wanted this to be one smooth step with the footwear being the only thing that changed.

Client: Hotter Shoes
Agency: Standby Productions
Director: Simon Owens (Standby)
VFX, 3D, Sims, Animation, Compositing: Process

Tagged with: 3d,vfx,animation,compositing